• Who We Are

    100% independent

What's a Centex?

What's a Centex?

100% Western Canadian owned and operated, 100% independent.

By offering consistently competitive fuel prices, convenient locations, and a variety of services to people on the GO, we're seen as a fresh alternative to the big guys.

It's HOW we purchase the fuel that helps us provide our customers with great prices.

Fuel is a commodity. We're Independent. A chain with no affiliation or obligation to any one supplier. So we shop around everyday, depending on the wholesale price of various fuels and their availablility. We buy our fuel to ensure that we provide our customers the most competitive prices.

Also, we're fun to be around. Really!

Our Philosophy

People keep telling us how much they truly love our stations.

Why? Because we've kept things Simple!

We believe in providing our customers with the look, feel, variety of products and services offered by major gasoline retailers but with more competitive prices and way better service! We love that.

We think you will too.


Over 30+ years in business.

In 1986, we started our first location in Inglewood, Calgary, Alberta. We have grown and we are proud that we have maintained our core values of:

  • Respecting others
  • Being accountable
  • Working as a team
  • Having fun at what we do!

We feel our values are at the foundation of our success and continue to be the driving force behind our growth.

Our Fuels

What are you putting in YOUR fuel tank?

At Centex, all of our fuels are refined and processed by major Western Canadian refiners. The fuel is produced for Canadian driving conditions - especially winter, and meets or exceeds all federal and provincial standards. This has resulted in our customers confidence in the quality of our fuels.


We sell the same higher octane "Premium" or "Super" fuel as the major retailers, with an octane rating of 91 octane or higher. But for LESS! Check and compare our premium prices with our competitors. You'll be surprised.


We sell ultra low sulphur diesel fuel for on-road use for those passenger cars, pick ups and commercial trucks that have diesel engines. We refrain from adding additional additives that may gum up or block fuel injectors or possibly damage essential diesel engine parts.

Due Dilligence


Are you getting what you paid for?

At Centex, we pride ourselves on having a measurement and accuracy program that exceeds government guidelines and recommendations. We ensure the accuracy of our pumps by having an independently monitored and implemented pump calibration program that regularly verifies and calibrates our pumps at all Centex locations.

Tank Monitoring

Centex locations are equipped with state-of-the-art Incon tank monitoring systems. This system electronically monitors all the fuel tanks on a site against any moisture or water accumulation in the tanks. It also looks for any loss of fuel due to a breach or a leak.


Our sites have double walled fiberglass tanks and piping and environmental sumps under the pumps to ensure against any environmental contamination from any loss of fuel.

Fuel Up On Savings

Fuel Up On Savings

Take advantange of our special weekly offer

Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, instantly save up to  per litre on fuel at participating Centex locations.

Save more and get more by simply choosing Centex for all your refuelling needs.

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