Centex Cashback Card


  • Pick up a Centex Cashback Card at participating stores or download the Centex Cashback app and get a virtual card.
  • Centex Cashback is awarded INSTANTLY, however, cashback can only be redeemed once the card holder has registered their card through the Centex Cashback app or online. Click the “Register” button above.
  • You can have multiple cards on the Mobile App and transfer balances between virtual cards or physical cards.


  • If paying at pump, you must swipe your physical Centex Cashback Card, before your payment card
  • If you are paying via Mobile App, you must pre-pay for fuel inside the store, and show the barcode on your Centex Cashback App to the cashier
  • For in-store purchases, present your Centex Cashback card, or show the barcode from the Centex Cashback app to the cashier


  • You can earn Centex Cashback by:
  • getting 2¢ Cashback per litre of fuel
  • earning 2% cashback on in-store purchases
    • Centex Cashback exclusions are on the following items: Tobacco, Alcohol, Online Lottery & Scratch tickets, Prepaid phone cards, Gift cards, Transit passes, automotive services, items excluded by law and other items specified as exclusions from time to time (“Ineligible Purchases”).


  • Centex Cashback can be REDEEMED at anytime, once the card has been registered online.
  • Your Centex Cashback card must be presented prior to finalizing a transaction.
  • You can view your balance at anytime, via Mobile App or online. Click the “Balances” button above.
  • Balances can be transferred between REGISTERED virtual and physical cards.
  • Redemption minimum is set to $5.00 and must be used in increments of $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $50, or $100.

Centex Gift Card

  • Gift Cards are reloadable for any amount and can be used for most purchases.
  • If the card is registered through the app, customers can see amount remaining.
  • There is no activation fee.
  • Gift cards are only redeemable at participating Centex locations.  It may not be redeemed for cash. 
  • Centex Petroleum is not responsible for replacing the value on this card if lost, stolen, destroyed damaged or used without your consent.

Download the Centex Cashback App